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Floating Awesome Button (Sticky Button & Popup) – CTA, Back to Top, Shortcodes, Widget, & More

Floating Awesome Button (Sticky Button & Popup) – CTA, Back to Top, Shortcodes, Widget, & More


Introducing Floating Awesome Button (FAB): Your versatile solution for enhancing user interaction! Craft customized sticky action buttons for diverse purposesβ€”whether it’s compelling calls-to-action, smooth scroll-to-top functionality, or showcasing captivating custom popups with blocks, shortcodes, widgets, and links. Elevate your WordPress site’s engagement effortlessly with FAB.

🀩 Social media links & buttons :

Enhance your site’s social presence effortlessly! Instantly integrate customizable buttons and links to popular platforms, boosting engagement and connectivity with just a click.

  • πŸ‘ Button : Call to Action – Simple Call-to-Action button.
  • πŸ‘ Button : Standalone CTA Button – Modifiable Button
  • πŸ‘ Contact : Email contact link.
  • πŸ‘ Contact : Phone/Call contact link.
  • πŸ‘ Contact : SMS link.
  • πŸ‘ Contact : Skype link.
  • πŸ‘ Contact : WhatsApp link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Donation – Add donation link for your campaign.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Dropbox file share link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Google Drive file share link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Latest Post – Your latest blog post link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Login – Your WordPress login link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Logout – Secure WordPress logout link.
  • πŸ‘ Link : Lost Password – Your WordPress lost password link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : Facebook link for pages, profile & groups.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : Instagram link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : Telegram link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : TikTok link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : Twitter link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : WhatsApp link.
  • πŸ‘ Social Media : Zoom link.

🀀 Navigation links & buttons :

Seamlessly implement back-to-top, anchor links, smooth scroll, reading bar, and sticky menu options. Enhance user experience and site usability with ease.

😎 Custom Template Popup :

Introducing Custom Template Popup: Transform engagement with captivating popups tailored to your needs. From contact forms to ebook promotions and subscription prompts, effortlessly captivate your audience and drive conversions.

  • πŸ‘ Contact & Opt-in : Contact Form Popup
  • πŸ‘ Contact & Opt-in : Ebook Popup
  • πŸ‘ Contact & Opt-in : Subscribe Popup
  • πŸ‘ Notification : Covid 19 Popup
  • πŸ‘ Service & Payment : Booking Popup
  • πŸ‘ Service & Payment : Membership Popup
  • πŸ‘ Service & Payment : Payment Popup
  • πŸ‘ Offers : Discount Popup
  • πŸ‘ Offers : Promo Popup

😲 Special Function Popup :

Discover Special Function Popup: Elevate user interaction with dynamic popups that cater to diverse needs. From dynamic sidebars to login/logout prompts, effortlessly enhance user experience and site functionality.

πŸŽ₯ More Tutorial on YouTube :


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  • Floating Awesome Button (FAB)
  • Custom Modal Popup
  • Custom Modal Popup Theme
  • FAB Global Settings
  • FAB Button Settings
  • Draggable Modal Popup


Instruction :

  • You can install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repositories or
  • Download the plugin and extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation

Tutorial :

Releases :

  • To see a complete release versions of the plugins you can go to :
  • changelog.txt


πŸ•΅οΈβ€ GDPR

  • This plugin uses 3rd party tools for (Payments & Upgrades) it’s called Freemius
  • To learn more about GDPR consent please this article
  • We also use cookies internally to store popup session, but it’s not enable by default see this video to learn more

πŸ”§ Troubleshoot Search Modal Popup (Ajax Search)?

This plugin is uses WP REST API for search modal popup
If you have any trouble when setting up the plugin please make sure :

  • Your WP REST API is enabled, check your security plugin if there is any setting that is disabling it.
  • Make sure your permalinks is set to Post name (admin, settings, permalinks, choose “Post Name”)


Octubre 20, 2023
Couldn’t believe there are no reviews and very few people using this plugin. It’s freakin awesome and works great. I do wish there was functionality inside of it to change size & fonts, but maybe I just missed where to edit.
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Contributors & Developers

“Floating Awesome Button (Sticky Button & Popup) – CTA, Back to Top, Shortcodes, Widget, & More” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.7.1 (04.06.2024)

  • Major bug fixes and add support to WordPress 6.5.3

1.6.0 (19.11.2022)

  • Major bug fixes and supports

1.5.18 (17.11.2022)

  • Update readme.txt file, add support to WordPress 6

1.5.16 (11.04.2022)

  • HOTFIX: Tooltip always display can’t be disabled
  • Add Print.js library for print button
  • Enable targeted element print using id, image, pdf, html
  • Fully migrate backend scripts into svelte components for better performance

1.5.15 (08.03.2022)

  • Update font awesome version to 6.0.0
  • HOTFIX: Layout position center
  • HOTFIX: FAB edge unclickable
  • Upgrade tailwindcss to v3
  • Improve exit intent using exit-intent-quattro library

1.5.14 (03.03.2022)

  • Modify readme.txt & add support for print button type


  • Tailwindcss class integration update for modal template


  • Add tooltip option always display for call to action button with text
  • Migrate css tooltip popup to tooltip labels


  • HOTFIX: FAB type link metabox design option not working


  • Restructure CSS styles to use less space
  • Optimize gutenberg support (Autoembed & Render)


  • Add option standalone button
  • HOTFIX: FAB shapes single and group


  • Add Gutenberg Support
  • Migrate backend metabox design to components
  • Optimize frontend asset delivery


  • HOTFIX: Enable/Disable Tooltip
  • HOTFIX: FAB Shape not changing
  • HOTFIX: Grecaptcha on mobile
  • Migrate backend setting to components

For older changelog entries, please see the additional changelog.txt delivered with the plugin.